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A Few Under-The-Radar Non-Finance Podcast Recommendations

June 24, 2019

I probably listen to way too many podcasts. It's just such a fun and easy way to consume ideas and be mildly entertained. I feel like I never take my Airpods out of my ears.


Recently I went back into the Econ Talk archives to dig up some good podcasts. I find Econ Talk to be hugely educational and really enjoy the quality of guest and Russ Robert's ability to discuss seemingly any topic with ease. 


If you are like me, and have maybe become a little frustrated with social discourse lately, I found these podcasts to be very helpful in understating what is causing this time of polarization around the globe. 


1. Econ Talk: Russ Robert's Monologue on the Information Revolution - July  2018


Russ Roberts does a great job taking us through why he thinks social discourse have become more vile recently.


2. Econ Talk: Jonathan Haidt on The Righteous Mind - Jan 2014


I learned about Jonathan Haidt from his book tour for his newest book "The Coddling of the American Mind," in which I greatly appreciated what he had to say about colleges students weakness in mental fortitude and sensitivities. His ideas today would be considered conservative in my mind however it is interesting to see how in 2014 his ideas on where our ethics comes from was considered to be more liberal.



3. Econ Talk: Munger on Slavery and Racism - August 2016


I found this perspective one of the most measured and honest I've heard in understanding America's dark history with Slavery. Considering the house hearings on reparations this week I found it to be pretty good histoical and political context.



4. Making Sense: The Revenge of History - June 2019


Sam Harris and two political scientists, have what I believe to be an extremely enlightening  conversation on the state of global politics.


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