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Student, Warrior, Businessman, Philosopher

June 22, 2019

"I like the model of life that the ancients had, the Greeks, the Romans where you would start out going to school, then you're going to war, then you're running a business, then you serve in the Senate or government, then you become a philosopher, there is this arc to life where you try your hand at everything."


-Naval Ravikant on Joe Rogan


In the very beginning of Naval Ravikant's popular conversation with Joe Rogan, he talks about how humans as more complex than society wants us to be. You are almost expected to specialize or be an expert in something. Naval disagrees with that conception arguing it is better to be more of a polymath and do it all, you only have one life after all. 


As I try to balance my online presence on FinTwit, this blog, my everyday learning in finance or whatever else I happen to be interested in at the time with my career in the Army, I often wonder where my time is best spent. Would other people in the Army look down upon me if they knew how much mental energy I spent thinking about finance or other topics that are not exactly Army related? I hope not. 


I was glad to see Naval included being a warrior into that description of what makes a full life. One may argue that in modern times being a "warrior" isn't as important as it was in ancient when you don't have to worry about repelling Germanic tribes from your village. However, there seems to be something important about the warrior role, perhaps it's fostering leadership ability, how to embrace the suck, or even pay your dues to the institutions that give you the ability to go to school, start a business, and eventually sit around and think. I'm honestly, not quite sure and but I am excited to find it. 


As I continue to think about what I want my daily blog to be, I keep coming to the conclusions that I probably can't write about business topics every day. Both because it will get boring and because that's not what I live every day. In a world where people generally want you to stay in your own lane on one subject or topic at the risk of isolating somebody, I continue to think I am either incapable staying in one lane, or simply shouldn't. I am in the military to have diverse experiences and develop diverse thoughts, and hopefully, that will help me down the road. In the meantime, this blog will reflect the diversity in subjects I am thinking about or experiences I am having.  


At least I have the ancients to back me up.




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