• Troy Springer

Reckoning with a Change In Investment Style

I strongly believe if you are interested in being an active investor, what you choose to invest in is often a mirror into your personality and the person you want to be. Other investors will judge you for the things you choose to invest in, and draw conclusions about your intelligence, temperament and even if they want to associate with you. This is probably true of many things in our lives, not just investing, but if you want to make a career in investing, how other perceive you will surly drive some investing choices.

For example, many my be drawn to the rigorous, prudent and cautious approach of the value investing camp. It seems intelligent, wise and synonymous with the the greatest investors in the world, such as Mr. Buffet. The growth investor camp seems audacious, exciting and innovative. Real estate investors seem entrepreneurial and self-made. For many, your personality, or the crowd you wish to hang with will likely lead you to choosing a certain route.

The problem is, if we let our emotions and personal ego get in the way


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